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Google Docs Uploader

 Google Docs Uploader: Ditch Office Easily

Google Docs Uploader - Screenshot

If you've been thinking about abandoning Microsoft Office on the desktop in favor of a Web-based solution, Google Docs is a natural solution. The nice thing about Google Docs is that you can upload Microsoft Word docs and Excel spreadsheets without a problem. If you have a lot of documents you'd like to import however, the Google Docs Uploader can save a lot of time.

Google Docs and other online Web-based office suites aren't for everyone, and certainly not for those folks who refuse to store any document on the Web for fear of privacy issues. If such issues don't concern you, Google Docs can help move your oft-used documents onto the Web. The Google Docs Uploader is a simple solution to an annoying problem you might face if you want to move your files to Google Docs.

The app is completely free, and was designed to show off the Google Docs API. The Google Docs Uploader is a snap to install and just as easy to use. Just drag the documents you want to upload to your Google Docs account and drop them into the uploader window. You'll have to log in to your Google account, but once you're logged in, uploading all of the files in the list is as simple as a single click. You can even enable a right-click menu item after you have the Uploader installed, so you can simply right-click on a document you'd like to upload to have it added to the queue.

The only downside to the Google Docs Uploader is that it requires the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to use, so you'll have to get that in order to make use of the application. Even so, the app has a fairly small system footprint, even though it uses .NET.

Google Docs Uploader: Ditch Office Easily - AppScout - |2008-03-01|

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