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Introduction & the Winkey

Introduction & the Winkey

I have decided to start a quasi-daily email with a computer/Internet tip of the day.  Sometimes it will be a hardware tip, sometimes a software tip, sometimes it will alert you to a great deal on the Internet -- basically whatever catches my fancy on that particular day which I think would be helpful to lots of people.  I am sending it to most of my friends, colleagues and clients.  If you don't want to be on this mailing list, let me know and I will promptly remove you.  I am creating these daily emails with the assistance of our Firm's computer consultants, Data Network Consultants.  I encourage you to contact them for any computer needs, they are good guys and very talented.

Today we begin with a tip everyone can use to speed up various tasks on a Windows PC.  Some of you may wonder what the key between the Alt and the Ctrl  keys, the one with the Windows logo, does.  It is -- once again demonstrating how Microsoft's billions do not necessary buy them any imagination-- called the "Windows Key" or "Winkey" if you want to save yourself a syllable.  Combine this key with particular keys and you get many shortcuts.  Here's a list of the useful ones:

WINKEY + D      Minimizes all windows and returns the user to the desktop.
WINKEY + M Minimizes all windows.
WINKEY + E      Open Microsoft Explorer.
WINKEY + F      Display the Windows Search / Find feature.
WINKEY + F1 Display the Microsoft Windows help.
WINKEY + Pause / Break key Open the system properties window.
WINKEY + L      Lock the computer (Windows XP and above only)

That's it for today.  Hope you find it useful.

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