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Online Conversions


Online Conversions

The Online Conversion site provides access to an extensive array of conversion tools that allow you to convert just about anything.  Need to know how many kilometers are in a mile, how many bits are in a byte, what day of the week a specific day will fall on, what time it is in other parts of the world?  Then check out this site.  You will also find tools that will allow you to convert currency, determine how much you need to be saving,  select the proper clothes size in different countries, calculate the adjusted cost base for stocks or determine the profit or loss from the sale of a stock.  This is a great tool for anyone needing to convert just about anything - the fun stuff section will allow you to find out how much you weigh on another planet, how old you are in dog years, what your name is in Morse code, and there are several MPO/transportation-related applications, such as calculating the driving distance between cities or flying distance between airports, and calculating the appropriate size for a meeting room based on planned attendance.

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