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Google Alert


Google Alert
This site lets you create up to five* searches that are run at an interval you set and any NEW results are emailed to you.  It has tremendous customization available.  If there's a search you are running in Google periodically looking for new results, this site is for you.  Give it a try.  I'm surprised Google doesn't already contain this feature.  There are commercial software programs out there that accomplish this same task but require you to (1) pay, (2) configure, and (3) are not easy to use.  This site is simple to navigate and works like a charm.  It is already included on the de la O & Marko Menu.

{WARNING -- Technobabble ahead:  The site even lets your create an RSS feed of your search results for browsing in your Newsreader}.

*Up to 5 searches per user ID, but it appears you can have unlimited user IDs tied to your email address, so there is really no limit as long as your create differing user IDs.

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