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AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service


AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service

AltaVista Babel Fish Translation enables you to translate short passages of text or entire Web sites among 19 pairs of languages.

As an automatic translator, Babel Fish works best when the text you wish to translate uses proper grammar. Slang, misspelled words, poorly placed punctuation and complex or lengthy sentences can all cause a page to be translated incorrectly. Expect Babel Fish to allow you to grasp the general intent of the original, not to produce a polished translation.

To Translate Your Own Text
  1. Type or paste text into the "Translate a block of text" text box.
  2. Select the language pair from the list (for example, English to French).
  3. Click the Translate button.
  4. Babel Fish translates text up to about 150 words at a time

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