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Creating In-Document Cross-References in Word


Creating In-Document Cross-References in Word

Creating a cross-reference within a Word document to another section of your document is a simple matter of typing some fixed text and then inserting a reference to the item. You can make a cross-reference to a page, a foot or end note, paragraph number, etc. Here's how:
  1. Place your cursor where you want the cross-reference to appear, and then type an introductory text. For example, you might write, "For more information, see." Make sure your cursor ends up at the exact spot where you want the cross-reference inserted.
  2. Choose Insert, Reference, Cross-reference. The Cross-reference dialog box appears.
  3. Select the general reference category in the Reference type drop-down list. The Insert Reference To and For Which list changes, depending on the reference type that you select.
  4. Select an option for the Insert References To drop-down list to specify the information from the reference category that should be inserted in the cross-reference. Note that each reference category contains a Page Number option with which you can refer to the page where the reference item occurs.
  5. Specify the exact reference that you want from the For Which list. For example if you choose Number Item as the reference type, and the Insert Reference to is Paragraph Number, the For Which Numbered Item list then contains a list of all automatic paragraph numbers in the document.
  6. Select options. If you check the Insert as hyperlink option, double-clicking on the reference will jump you the the referenced link. You can also click on the Include above/below to add the words to the reference depending on whether the referenced material is above or below the cross-reference. 
  7. Choose Insert. The Cross-reference dialog box remains open so that you can add more info to your reference.
  8. When you're finished, close the Cross-reference dialog box.

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