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Battery Life Boosters


Battery Life Boosters

Predicting battery life is a bigger challenge than taking good pictures, simply because the figure varies depending up on your particular camera, how much you review your shots on the LCD finder, how many pictures you take, what kind of media you're using, how much you use your internal flash, what type of batteries you're using, and what the temperature is (batteries drain faster in the cold).

Here's how to maximize your battery life:
  • Short reviews: Most digital cameras let you set how long the LCD stays on for review after a shot is taken. Choose the briefest setting. You can always review an individual show for a longer period if need be.
  • Flash with care: Built-in flash units reduce battery life by half. Use an accessory flash if possible.
  • Battery choices:   AA Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are cheaper in the long run, but be sure to keep them charged.  They lose power constantly and quickly when out of the recharger.  Lithium Ion proprietary batteries from the manufacturer generally have most power and hold their charge out of the charger much better, but are very expensive to replace.  If you are using disposables, AA lithium batteries tend to last longer than other battery types, so if you use these, you can extend the active life of your shooting session before replacements are necessary. They also handle cold weather better. You should always carry at least one set of extra AA batteries (more if you shoot a lot).

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