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No, this is not a tip about porn on the Web (I just lost 20% of my readers). posts the codes you can enter when buying something on the Web to get a discount.  From the website:

Online stores send out discount codes to SELECT groups of customers, leaving the rest of us to pay full price! To that we say, NO! We find and list ALL of the coupon codes and promotional codes that can be found. If it's out there, we have it! Be naughty with us by using these codes for added discounts when shopping online.

True story: Yesterday I was buying a pair of basketball shoes at  After I selected the pair I wanted, I went to the checkout page.  I saw the box that said "Promotional Code."  I went to, and they had 6 different codes I could enter.  One code gave me a 20% discount with no strings attached.  Typed it in and saved over $15.

There are several sites that provide this service.

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