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Copy and Paste - With a Twist


Copy and Paste - With a Twist

One of Word's nifty features is the ability to store more than one cut or copied block of text in the Clipboard at a time. So you can cut, cut, cut or copy, copy, copy, and then pick and choose which of those blocks you want to paste back into your document. They call it "collect and paste."

To view the Clipboard, just choose View, Task Pane, click the downward-pointing triangle at the top of the task pane, and choose Clipboard from the menu. You'll see a list of all the things you've cut or copied.

To paste any collected text in the Clipboard, place the cursor's insertion point where you want to paste the text in your document, and click that chunk of text in the task pane. To paste something else, just move the insertion point again and click on another chunk of text.


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