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Quick Help in Windows 2000 Pro


Quick Help in Windows 2000 Pro

Windows 2000 Professional comes with its own set of helpful hints built right in. You can pop them up on-screen and leave them there for easy access. Here are some quick ways to get answers to your problems in Windows 2000 Professional.
  • Press F1: When you're confused in Windows 2000, press the F1 key. That key always stands for "Help!" Most of the time, Windows 2000 checks to see what program you're using and fetches some helpful information about that particular program or your current situation. In fact, pressing F1 usually brings up a huge Help program.
  • Click on the little question mark: Look in the program's upper-right corner. Do you spot a little question mark lurking up there? Then click on it. Your pointer turns into a question mark. Now, here's the helpful part: Click your newly shaped pointer on any confusing area of the program: boxes, windows, buttons, and icons. A helpful explanation appears, describing what those things are supposed to do. Click on that little question mark again to turn off the feature.
  • Choose Help from the main menu: If pressing F1 doesn't get you anywhere, look for the word Help in the menu bar along the top of the confusing program. Click on Help, and a menu drops down, usually listing two choices: Help Topics and About ? or variations similar to those. Click on Help Topics to make the Windows 2000 Help program leap to the screen.


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