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How to Eject a Stuck CD


How to Eject a Stuck CD

I had a new CD drive put into my tower. I inserted the first CD, and the drive took it in, but the disc would not start up and run, and the machine will not eject it. What can I do?

We can't repair the drive for you remotely, but we can help you rescue the CD that's stuck inside it.

Start by turning the computer off. Get a medium-size or large paper clip and straighten the long leg. Look closely at the front of the CD drive; you should find a hole that's about the right size for the paper clip. (Not the earphone jack, of course!) Sometimes there's a groove just below the drive door instead of a hole.

Carefully push the paper clip straight into the hole to release the catch. The drive door should open without too much pressure. If this doesn't work, the drive may be physically jammed shut. In that case you'll need a hardware technician to fix it.


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