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Online Painting Help


Online Painting Help

Websites full of tips, virtual tests


For some, the perfect way to launch a painting project is to sit down.

Rather than dashing around picking up paint samples and taping an assortment of hues to the walls, redecorating enthusiasts can put digital technology to work as a paint advisor.

Plenty of websites offer tips and devices to select potential palettes.

The BEHR Paints website ( includes an electronic color wheel that's handy for working around a particular color. The user points to a specific hue, and the site recommends color combinations that would coordinate nicely.

The Glidden website ( features a questionnaire. Based on the answers to several questions, including favorite vacations and ideal evening activities, the device suggests colors to which the user likely is attracted.

The Dutch Boy site ( asks questions about the project and recommends colors based on the answers.

On these and other websites, the user can try out different colors. Some sites offer sample rooms the user can digitally paint.

While the Benjamin Moore site ( is among those that offer sample rooms to electronically color, the company also sells a disc that allows users to paint digital photos of their own rooms.

Plenty of websites also offer tips and information.

The Lowe's website ( includes information on paint applicators, repairing drywall, stenciling and safety.

The Ace Hardware site ( lets users e-mail Ace's ''Helpful Hardware Man'' with questions.

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