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Why Digital Zoom Is a Bad Idea


Why Digital Zoom Is a Bad Idea

Most digital cameras offer a feature known as digital zoom. The name implies that the feature offers the same results as a zoom lens ? that is, brings you closer to your subject. In fact, digital zoom does nothing more than trim away the perimeter of your image and enlarge the remaining area to fill the frame.

This bit of digital manipulation leads to lower image quality than you get when capturing the same area with a true zoom lens (referred to as an optical zoom in the digital photography lexicon). So when top-notch pictures are in order, avoid digital zoom.

In addition, an optical zoom affects depth of field (range of sharp focus) as well as how much background is included in your shot. A digital zoom does not impact the image in either way.

Check your camera manual to find out how digital zoom is activated and whether you can turn the feature off altogether.


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