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Add a Header or Footer to a Word Document


Add a Header or Footer to a Word Document

In a Word document, a header is the text you see at the top of every page. The header's little brother is the footer, which is text that appears on the bottom of every page in a document. You don't need to use them both; you can use just one or the other.

To add a header or footer, follow these steps:
  1. Choose View, Header and Footer.
  2. Click the Switch between Header/Footer icon to choose either the header or footer for editing.
  3. Enter your header or footer text. Any text you type can be formatted using any of Word's text and paragraph formatting commands, including tabs. Word preformats the headers and footers in any document with center and right tabs at the center and far right of the ruler. This allows you to press the Tab key, type some text, and have the text automatically centered at the bottom (or top) of each page. This tab stop isn't required, but it's mighty thoughtful of Microsoft to set it up that way.
  4. Use the buttons on the Header and Footer toolbar for special items. Hover the mouse pointer over each button to see a brief explanation of its function (just like on the big toolbars!).
  5. Click the Close button when you're done.
In Print Layout view, you can see the header or footer displayed in ghostly gray text. In Normal view, you can't see any header or footer, even though it's still there.

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