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Program Installation Concerns


Program Installation Concerns

Program Installation Concerns

Q: Whenever I install a new program, the installation procedure tells me to shutdown all of the programs that are running. I really don't feel safe turning off my firewall and virus protection, and was wondering if I should be doing that.
A: Your concerns are right on. Most installation procedures will instruct you to close all of your running programs, but it's important that you take this warning with a grain of salt. Shutting down your open programs will help you to avoid random installation problems, but you shouldn't be overly concerned about this matter. I know I've installed countless programs while I had other stuff running in the background, and I've never experienced any noticeable issues. As long as you save your work, you should be good to go. However, it's a smart move to just go ahead and shutdown the open programs in your taskbar. This may be a hassle for those of you who multitask, but it's nothing that you'll lose sleep over, and in the end, you're just helping to make sure that everything works out properly.
As far as your firewall and virus scanner are concerned, leave them open. If you turn off your security setup, you could be asking for trouble. You definitely don't want to get involved in a mess that didn't need to happen in the first place.

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