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Pictures on Gold


Pictures on Gold

This website can help you create the perfect gift.  I have purchased several lockets from them.  The quality is always excellent.  They create Photo charms and Photo pendants custom made with your very own photographs to produce personalized gold jewelry. photo pendants :: picture charms:: gold lockets:: photo jewelry:: picture jewelry :: bracelets :: chains :: and more.  They can even take 2 or 3 different pictures of different people and merge them together to create on picture.  I used this feature the first time I bought a locket, and it looked great.  If you have a digital picture(s), you can upload it/them.

Visit the website at
Q: What is your cut off date for Christmas?
A: will guarantee the arrival of your photo pendant or other custom picture jewelry item before Chrsitmas so long as we receive your photo and order before 12:00pm EST on Wednesday December 22nd. You must select NEXT DAY AIR delivery. If you're ordering on December 22nd, you MUST select Overnight Delivery if you want to receive your order by December 24th.

Q: Do some photographs show up better than others on photo pendants?
A: Yes. The clearer the picture, the clearer the image will appear on the photo pendant.

Q: Does it matter what kind of picture I use for photo pendants or picture jewlery?
A: No. Photographs can be 35mm, 110, studio shots, even slides or Polariods. They can also be in color or black and white. We cannot, however, create a color image from a black and white photograph and we cannot use a negative when creating your photo pendant.

Q: Will my pictures be returned?
A: Yes, your pictures will be returned in the exact condition they were given, along with your new photo pendant or other custom picture jewelry piece.

Q: Can I have two entirely different pictures together on one photo pendant?
A: Yes, our computer technicians can merge any number of pictures onto one pendant. However, we do charge an additional $10 per Photo. You will be able to select this option upon checkout.

Q: What if one picture is larger than the other picture? Can they be put together?
A: Yes, we can engrave any picture any size up to 8 1/2 X 11. Just send the pictures and let our technicians handle the rest.

Q: Can a person or object be cut out of the picture?
A: We can crop out any person or any object. There is a "special instructions" section in the checkout for you to provide us with any requests you have with your pendant.

Q: Can my photo pendant be done in other fine metals?
A: Yes, our photo pendants are also available in Sterling Silver & White Gold. Please see our pricing and picture jewelry items for complete details.

Q: How do I clean my photo pendant or picture charm?
A: Treat your picture charm as you would any other fine jewelry item. It?s made of solid 14K, so it will never tarnish. Use a soft, clean cloth to rub off fingerprints and moisture from your photo pendant, picture charm, or other custom jewelry piece.

Q: How long will it take to receive my Picture pendant?
A: It will take approximately seven days from the day we receive your order for you to get your pendant. Unfortunately, we will have Holiday cut-off?s that will not allow you to order you picture pendant after a certain date. ( Dates will be given a few weeks before cut-off to allow you to receive your orders in time for the holidays)

Q: Does my Picture pendant last a lifetime?
A: Yes. We put a protective glass or coating on almost all of our pieces to make sure that they are durable

Q: How can I send you my photos?
A: You have 3 options of sending us your photos, each of which will be explained to you during checkout.
1) Upload your photos to our website after checkout.
2) E-mailing your photos to us.
3) Shipping your photos to us to:
Pictures On
1300 Hylan Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10305
Please make sure to include your Order Number

Q: Whats the difference between Color Laser & your engraving method?
A: Color Laser: Your photo in full color permanently lasered onto your charm. This process being the most detailed. We've had customers say, "My pendant actually looks better than the photo." A protective jewelry enamel is added to every "color laser" pendant to ensure that every day your charm will look as beautiful as the day you took it out of the box.

Engraving: A combination of our trained computer experts, and our engraving machinery will engrave your pendant deeply and very detailed. The engraved process gives your pendant a hologram look that sparkles when worn.

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