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Responsible Parenting Or Spying?


Responsible Parenting Or Spying?

From Lockergnome:

Responsible Parenting Or Spying?

Q: My twelve-year-old son is allowed to get on our family computer in order to research information for homework and do a little bit of e-mail and instant messaging. I'm worried about him accidentally (or purposely) finding his way to some of the adult Web sites and content on the Internet. What software can I employ to protect and monitor him?

A: It's unfortunate that these types of concerns have to be present in our minds. The Internet can be a very dangerous place for young kids who have no idea what they're doing. It's sad to say that a lot of this harmful content is being targeted at your children. Without parental control software installed on your computer, this underground world of filth is open to your curious kids.

There are numerous pieces of software that are targeted at monitoring computer activities, but I'm going to point you to software that is specifically designed for parents. Look at the capabilities of the programs to determine what will work in your situation. There's a common argument that using this type of software can be considered spying on your kids. Some parents oppose it, while others employ it. You may not want to use this type of a solution for older teenagers, but it's great for younger children.

Brandon Watts

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