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Changing Your Screen's Resolution

You chose your designer day planner, glow-in-the-dark gel pens, and solid maple inbox for your real world desktop, right? Why shouldn't the Windows desktop give you the same flexibility to make things look the way you like?
  1. Right-click the desktop to display a shortcut menu, and then choose Properties.
  2. In the resulting Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab.
  3. On the Settings tab, click the slider in the Screen Resolution area and move it to a higher or lower resolution. Higher resolutions, such as 1400 x 1050, produce smaller, crisper images. Lower resolutions, such as 800 x 600, produce larger, somewhat jagged images. The up side of higher resolution is that more fits on your screen; the down side is that words and graphics can be hard to see. One option: If fonts appear too small to read, change the Font Size setting on the Appearance tab of the Display Properties dialog box to be Large or Extra Large.
  4. Click OK to accept the new screen resolution.

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