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Creating a Template in Word

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It's easy to create a Word template. You just create the document as you would normally and then use a special procedure to save the document as a template. You can include any of the following in a template: any text that all documents should include (company name, document title, address, date code, and so on); any graphic image that all documents should include (company logo, for example); formatting for the existing text and other elements such as the page margins, layout, border, and so on; styles; macros; and other customized options.
To create a template, follow these steps:
Open a new, blank document.
Type the text you want and format the template document as you want.
Click File, Save As.
Display the "Save as type" drop-down list and click Document Template as the type.
Select the folder where you want to place this template.
Type a name for the template and click the Save button.

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