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Swiss Army Night Vision: Wristwatch with built-in Flashlight


Swiss Army Night Vision.jpg 

The Swiss Army Night Vision Watch has a built-in bright flash-light and other features that help navigate in dark situations.

The Swiss Army Night Vision Watch can shine a clear, bright beam to lead you through a darkened home or illuminate a winter night’s walk. It also has a small red LED locator light that flashes every 10 seconds to guide you to it in a darkened room. At the push of a button, a soft blue light illuminates the dial; a second push activates the white LED flashlight at the front of the watch. A third push of the button activates a powerful strobe to guide others to your location.
The Swiss Army Night Vision Watch sells at Hammacher Schlemmer for $295.95.

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SensorBin - A Smart Trash Can


From the SensorBin Web-Site:
"No more juggling rubbish in one hand and opening the bin with the other. This handsfree automatic lid opening waste bin uses a patented AI smartchip Sensor-system.
Place hand or debris about 6" away from the IR-sensor near the lid. It will open automatically and will close in 3 - 7 seconds after debris has been released and hand moves away from the sensor. Lid will remain open if hand or debris is within 6" of the ir-sensor. It creates a germ & odor free, automated environment. Free up both hands and feet eliminating the need to push, pull or step."

The SensorBin comes in 24 (99Euros), 32 (109Euros) and 42 (139Euros) liter sizes.

Mechanical Fly Catcher


The Fly Catcher uses non-toxic bait to lure your least favorite insects into its mouth where two sensors give it the kill signal, clamping its mouth shut, crushing the bug in its plastic jaws (in theory). Opening up with a satisfied burp and ready for its next kill, the Fly Catcher is sure to class up any room you put it in with an extra dose of functional, clapping horror. $36 for the unit, $4 for extra bait.

Catalog Page [ParamountZone via RedFerretJournal]


Sleeptracker is a watch you wear while­wait for it­sleeping that monitors muscle activity and tension along with body temperature and mysterious “other signals.” When those signals match the particulars of an “almost-awake” moment (the weakest points of your sleep cycle, usually around the REM phase), it can wake you up. The idea is to program Sleeptracker with the space of time you need to wake up in, and when you’re closest to being naturally conscious during that span, the alarm goes off. How does it do all this? The makers ain’t tellin’. For those of you leading a Fight Club-esque double life, Sleeptracker also functions as a regular water- (and blood-) resistant watch.

Sleeptracker: Waking Up Has Never Been Easier [Sleeptracker]

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