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Gadget Gifts II

Tape Measure Kitchen Timer

A nifty kitchen gadget, and a cool kinetic sculpture. Pull the ring to set the time. The tape counts minutes, not inches, as it slowly retreats into the aluminum cube, sounding a bell when the time?s up. Because it?s vertical, you can see it from across the room and know about how much time is left. Created by industrial designer Jozeph Forakis, a native New Yorker based in Milan. 60 minutes. 4" cube.
The ?glow brick? is a light bulb set in a clear solid brick. Simply set the bulb near sunlight and it?ll soak up whatever juice it needs to make a decent night light once darkness takes over. Only $45 and available now (including shipping, no less!), this might be just the thing you need to add to your quirky light-toys collection.
Catalog Page [Gnr8 via Engadge

Underwater Fish Tank

The Underwater Tank is an aquarium with a reverse periscope, allowing you to peer into the hearts and souls of your fish, with a feeder positioned right near the scope?s lens, letting you watch them eat. The periscope lets you inspect your fish at their own level, and a fish feeder has been positioned right by the scope?s lens, so you can watch your fish feed. Use slow gentle movements so you don?t create turbulence in the water and disturb or frighten your fish.

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