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Google SMS

If you send an SMS from your cell phone to 46645 ("googl") and Google will send you a prompt reply with an answer to all sorts of queries.

How to use Google SMS (

Want to start using Google SMS? Here's a quick introduction to how it works and how to get it.

Important tip: You can get Google SMS help information sent directly to your phone by sending the word 'help' as a text message to 46645.

Business listings from Google Local
Google Local enables you to search the entire web for just the stores and businesses in a specific neighborhood. Get the name, address and phone number of a business near you or in any zip code across the US.
To get business listings:
Enter what you want to find. You can search for either a specific business (Pizza Hut) or a general service (pizza).
Make sure to include both a city and state, or a zip code with your search terms.
If you want to make sure you get Google Local results, put a period between the business name and the location ('pizza.10013' or 'pottery ma')'.
Sample queries:
pizza 10013
pizza new york ny
Pottery Barn 02116
Pottery Barn Boston MA
Pottery Barn.Boston MA
Driving Directions
You can use Google SMS to get detailed driving directions, including total number of steps, estimated distance and travel time. Just send your start and end address to 46645 ('GOOGL' on most phones), and we'll return step-by-step directions.
To get driving directions:
Send a query with your start and end addresses. Use 'from' before your start address and 'to' before your end address. Based on how much you know about your location and destination, you can combine any of these query types*:
Address + zip code
Address + city + state
City + state
City (for major metropolis)
Zip code
Airport code (e.g., EWR for Newark Liberty Airport, LAX for Los Angeles Airport)
      Sample queries: pasadena ca to santa monica from 98112 to SEA to 1130 N State St Chicago il from 251 e huron 60611 *Note: No need to use the symbol '+' in your address; this just indicates what combinations you can use.
      Movie Showtimes

      You can use Google SMS to get showtimes for movies playing near you. Just send a text message query with the movie title followed by the zip or city and state and you'll get back showtimes by location and movie details like running time, MPA rating, movie genre, and critics' rating.
      To get movie showtimes, theater listings and movie details: If you're looking for showtimes of a movie that's currently playing, enter the movie's title followed by your location (a zip code or city and state). For a listing of theaters near you and the showtimes of their top movies, enter 'movie: theaters' or 'movie: showtimes' followed by your location. For a listing of movies playing near you and their theater location, enter 'movie: movies' or 'movie: films' followed by your location. For movie details such as running time, genre, MPA rating, and critics' rating, simply enter the movie title. Get Google Local results in addition to your movie showtimes when you type 'theaters' or 'films' followed by your location. Learn more about our movie showtimes feature.
      Weather To get the latest weather conditions and four-day forecast for a particular U.S. location, just enter 'weather' followed by your location, zip or city and state. You can also get weather in your Google search results on your computer. Learn more.

      Sample queries:
      weather dallas tx
      weather 75201
      Calculator: Want to convert the temperature from 'Fahrenheit' into 'Celsius'? Try Google SMS' calculator feature. For example, enter '70 F in C' or '70 Fahrenheit in Celsius'.


      To get answers to questions that cover a broad assortment of topics, including authors, inventors, populations and more, just send your fact-based question or query as a text message to Google SMS. Google will scour the web to find answers to your question and include our information source so that you can learn more.

      To get facts:
      Enter the fact-based question or query Sample queries:
      india population
      Mark Twain's real name
      who wrote hamlet
      Definitions Find definitions for a word or phrase on the Web: Enter 'define' followed by the word or phrase Or use the shortcut 'D' before the search terms Google SMS is not case sensitive, so 'D' and 'd' are the same Sample queries: define prosimian D Gordian knot d crepuscular

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