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Create Canvas Prints with


Upload, Crop, Design, and Order Online For a Fraction Of the Cost to Customize and Frame Photo-Artwork

MELVILLE, NY, June 9, 2005 ? Photographers, from pros t
o point and shoot alike, can now artistically enhance their pics and paper glossies into stylized photo-artwork masterpieces on professionally stretched canvas using dozens of easy-to-create artistic designs, finishes and collage templates, online at

From wallet size to wall size, can transform a s
imple digital photo in seconds into a dazzling array of art styles, from watercolor and pop- art to a black and white line drawing or mosaic. is a fun way to become an instant artiste and add a creative flair to individual photos or collages.  And, it?s a compelling alternative to custom designers and professional framers who are far more costly and take weeks to deliver. is easy to use, takes only a few minutes for a design, and doesn?t require any creative expertise, software purchase or program knowledge.  Unlike some of the well known photo and art programs, ?PhotoFiddlers? simply register and follow four easy steps 1, Uploading a picture to the site from a digital camera or scanned image, 2.  Cropping and reviewing the art, 3.  Choosing a design for PhotoFiddle to apply the photo, which can be previewed before 4. Ordering.  Final artwork is available on professionally stretched canvas, framed or rolled canvas or museum quality, archival photo paper. 

Among the most popular of the more than 70 PhotoFiddle designs and templates are:

Pop Art Stained Glass
Pencil Sketches Tinted
Painting Collage designs
Comic Book Filmstrip

PhotoFiddle allows users to experiment with different template designs without paying any setup fees in the convenience in their own home.  Users can even email copies of the custom artwork for preview by family, friends, and associates before ordering.

Gallery art canvas and archival photo paper sizes are available from a simple 8? x 10? to as large as 6 ft. x 24 ft.  The company offers live customer support during normal business hours, and an online tutorial for standard questions or creative input on very large projects. 

Whether it?s a memento from a recent vacation, an old picture that?s been stuck in a draw for decades, or a bunch of 4x6 album photos that can be brought to life in a striking photo collage, PhotoFiddle canvas artwork is an ideal gift for anniversaries, weddings, or as an elegant accoutrement to home d飯r.  Gift certificates are also available.

About PhotoFiddle
PhotoFiddle, headquartered in Melville, New York, offers one-week turnaround on customized photo-artwork that users design online, at far less cost than custom framers or home design professionals.  For more information visit:

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