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Word Count Toolbar

From: Lockergnome:
Being a writer, I often use a feature of Word 2002 called Word Count. It tells me exactly how many words I currently have in my document. If you are writing to a specific word count, this is a handy little feature. Also a great feature to take advantage of if you are a student trying to turn out papers which meet a certain minimum word count.
If you have spent some time poking around in Word 2002, you may have stumbled across a new toolbar called Word Count. You can open it by selecting View | Toolbars | Word Count. Once your toolbar appears, you can check the number of words in your document by clicking the small arrow beside [Click Recount to view] and selecting Words. The total number of words will be displayed in the field. Conversely, you can also count by lines, pages, paragraphs, and characters. You can update the value by selecting the Recount button.
Now for those of you who prefer to use the keyboard, once you have the Word Count Toolbar open, you can easily get an updated number by pressing ALT + C instead of having to click the Recount button.

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