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Concealed Surge Protector


Behind most personal computers is a tangle of cords leading to the computer, the printer, the scanner, the modem, the desk lamp, and so on. Most of those devices would benefit from being plugged into a surge protector, and there are plenty of those on the market. But few manufacturers worry about aesthetics.

Belkin’s new Concealed Surge Protector combines function with form, and the ability to hide cables is just the start. Belkin has taken into consideration the differences in the sizes and shapes of power plugs, as well as the scourge of the “brick” ­ that oversize plug that often blocks one or more adjacent outlets on the surge protector.

The Belkin unit accommodates multiple bricks and still handles the usual number of regular plugs. In addition, cables run through a slot that keeps them neat and organized. The unit also offers surge protection for phone lines and coaxial cables.

The Concealed Surge Protector will be available early next month for about $50 at and all the usual electronic outlets.

With all the cables neatly tucked away, you might actually be able to clean under the desk without pulling out a plug.

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