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Zillow - Free Home Value Estimator

A new internet startup - - takes mounds of publicly available housing information and maps it online (using a Google-Maps-style map) to give you a free assessment of what any particular home across the country is worth. When you type in an address, you also get the property values of adjacent properties. The data page for each has a wealth of information on the property. The ambitious goal of the founders is, according to an article today in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, to place a real-time value on the majority of homes in the US:
With an assessment known as a Zestimate, takes into consideration historical property information, square footage, number of bedrooms, neighboring homes and other factors to determine estimated values of 42 million of the 85 million residences in the United States. It then overlays that information on aerial and satellite maps, so home shoppers from Miami to Seattle can get a better idea of the market value of homes in those cities.

Source: Sound Money Tips

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