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Online File Storage

By Michael Weinstein on SoundMoneyTips
Backing up your key files — on a disc other than your main one — is a sound money practice at all times. While it can be done on a CD or external hard drive, the ideal method is to store "off-site", like most businesses do, to protect against theft, fire, water, electric or other local damage. An added advantage of this approach — access to your files from anywhere, without having to bring something with you.
Yet storing files online (on a service provider’s secure server) has not really caught on among consumers, as to date the upload/download times have been slow, and costs relatively high. But a new generation of online storage that addresses these problems is hitting the market, so it’s now worth considering this approach anew.
Michael Arrington at TechCrunch has a nice review of thirteen companies that offer online storage with some pizazz.

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