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Bates Stamping in Adobe Acrobat 7

With Adobe Acrobat 7, Bates stamping documents is simple, and you can preview the results.  For the lawyers reading this, this is an especially great tool for document production. Here’s how you do it:

Go to:

1. Document|Add Headers and Footers

2. Click the footer tab.

3. You’ll see three windows reflecting the left, center, and right side of your document.  Whatever you type in a particular window will appear on that side of your document.  Any variables, such as date or page number, will appear to the right of your text.  So, for example, if you want the first page to say "Plaintiff’s Documents 0001" you type "Plaintiff’s Documents 000" and then, click on "insert page number."  The first page will then read "Plaintiff’s Documents 0001."

4. Click "preview" in the bottom right corner to make sure everything appears as you expect.

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