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This appears to be even better than the free411 TOTD from December.

From: Lockergnome:

Call 1-800-411-SAVE.

It’s free. Go ahead, try calling it right now. Ask them for a number you already know about. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the call. In fact, you’ll be given several options once the number has been located. You can listen to the number, repeat the number (ad infinitum), have the street address read aloud, get the number sent to your mobile device via text message, or leave feedback for this new free 411 service. Better yet, hang up the phone once you’ve gone through the options - then call the number back at some point in the future (from the same phone). This time, the automated agent will ask you if you’d like to repeat the information attained from your most recent call. One word: AMAZING. No, I take that back. One word: FREE. You can look at the Web site if you want to, but it’s not going to have the same impact as an actual call will. Add the number to your address book so that you don’t forget it when you’re away from your desk. Stop calling 411 directly, people. It just doesn’t make any sense with a service like this. 1-800-411-7283!

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