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AutoText in Word

Using the AutoText feature in Microsoft Word, you can enter long and difficult-to-type words quickly. Put the text and/or graphics that you often use on the Insert, AutoText list (Word has already placed a few common entries there). That way, you can enter the long-winded text or a complicated graphic simply by clicking a few menu commands or by typing a couple of letters.
To create an AutoText entry, type the text or import the graphic, select it, and choose Insert, AutoText, New (or press Alt+F3). The Create AutoText dialog box appears. Type a name for the text or graphic in the text box and click OK.
To insert an AutoText entry, just start typing the entry’s name. Midway through, a bubble appears with the entire entry. Press Enter at that point to insert the whole thing. An alternative method is to choose Insert, AutoText. Next, select a submenu name, and choose an AutoText Entry.


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