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Calling Home From Overseas

Tip For Calling Home From Overseas

By Grant Haughton on Travel for Less
You’re visiting Amsterdam and want to call your family back in the States. What’s the cheapest way to call home? Try a calling card.
Calling cards come in two major types: Prepaid or Billed. The difference is that you are prepaying up front for calling minutes, compared to being billed later. Prepaid tends to be cheaper; both use local or toll-free numbers to connect you via the calling card to your intended caller in the States.
One of the least expensive prepaid calling card services is offered by Nobel, at roughly 3 cents a minute. Among the cheaper billed calling card services, starting around 6 cents a minute, are Cognigen, Ekit and Pin City. Make sure to check important differences such as connect charges, weekly service charges, replenishment and billing increments.
There are sites to compare and find prepaid and billed calling cards services. Check out Phone My Home for some good comparisons.

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