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My Pictures folder as a screensaver

My Pictures folder as a screensaver


Here’s a novel idea for a screensaver from Parent Hacks: use your My Pictures folder (or wherever you store your digital photos on your machine) as the source for your screensaver. Here’s how it works with Windows XP:

  • Start Menu/Control Panel/Display
  • Find the Screensaver tab, and choose “My Picture Slideshow.”
  • By default, this points to your My Pictures folder, but you can point it anywhere you want.

I’ve had this on my ‘puter for years. One unexpected side benefit: my kids are absolutely mesmerized by the hundreds of family pics I’ve got sliding by whenever the screensaver is on (way better than being glued to the TV!). — Wendy Boswell

Source: Use your My Pictures folder as a screensaver - Lifehacker

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