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eStarling Digital Frames


eStarling is a wireless networked home media appliance that operates
independently of a personal computer; it enables the users to share photos
directly with friends, family, or colleagues. You can purchase for delivery
during the 2007 December holiday season at
The eStarling digital frame makes it much easier to share updated photos
with loved ones. Users can send photos over the Internet to an eStarling
frame via email or camera phones; they can also use an eStarling to send
photos to be shared with the owner of another eStarling frame.
For instance, today, parents must hook up cables to a camera and download
photos onto a personal computer to post them on a Website or email them to
grandparents, who then must get them printed and framed in order to show
their grandchildren off to their friends.
No longer. Thanks to eStarling, a busy parent can plug the memory card
from their camera directly into the card-reading slot on the eStarling digital
frame. They can then simply push a button to send the latest photos of the
children directly to the grandparent’s eStarling frame located across the city
or across the world.
Setting up eStarling is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. Its main
features include:
Product Features
• Connects to Wireless 802.11 Network;
• Displays Photos E-Mailed to the Photo Frame;
• Displays Photos stored on a MMC/SD/CF/MS card slot; and,
• Publishes photos from eStarling to the Web with the touch of a button.


Click here to see a demonstration of the eStarling frame.



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