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How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV


Flat-Screen TV Buying Guide graphic

The sexiest thing going in TV is flat panels--plasma and LCD screens that are only a few inches thick. But if you're not planning to hang your TV on the wall, is a flat panel the best way to go? And which are better: plasma or LCD flat-screen TVs? Here's what you need to know before you buy, and for a visual overview, see our "How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV" video buying guide.

The Big Picture
LCD and plasma screens may look similar, but the underlying technologies are quite different, as are, consequently, their strengths and weaknesses. more

The Specs Explained
Perplexed by pixels? We explain the significance of the most meaningful specifications. more

Flat-Screen TV Shopping Tips
Read our advice to pick the panel that's right for you. more

PC World - How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV

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