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FoodTube - Video Cooking Tutorials and Recipes

 FoodTube: Video Cooking Tutorials and Recipes

by Jay White

FootTubeI am all about home cooking. The hours often expire before I have a chance to really prepare a "meal", but nevertheless, cooking is fun to me and I wish I had more time to do it.
This is why I was pretty excited to see a new site emerge. The site FoodTube is what you'd think. It's a YouTube clone but it's twist is that it's all about cooking new dishes and experimenting with recipes. In fact, some of the tutorials are actually embedded from YouTube or from other cooking sites. Add the user submitted tutorials and you have a pretty comprehensive resource.
I can see this becoming a pretty large destination for wannabe cooks or for those simply wanting to eat a little healthier by cooking at home.

FoodTube: Video Cooking Tutorials and Recipes - Dumb Little Man

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