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FindSounds: a search engine for sounds

FindSoundsFindSounds is a website that helps you… are you ready for this?  Find sounds. We know, it’s shocking that someone would give a web service a useful and descriptive name, but there you go.
Say you want to find the sound of a jackhammer, or a forest. Just visit FindSounds, type your query into a search box, and you’re whisked away to a page of matching results. Click on the sound icon next to each result to hear or download the file.
You can refine your search by limiting it to WAV, AU, or AIFF files. You can also search for stereo or mono files, or set sample rate or resolution requirements. The largest files you can search for are up to 2MB, so don’t expect to find musical recordings here. This is strictly for sound effects.

FindSounds: a search engine for sounds - Download Squad

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