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Jun272007 - Intestacy Calculators show what happens without a will


Have you ever wondered what happens to your property if you die without a will?  Some common misconceptions include everything being given to charity or to the state.  Another common misconception, with more serious consequences, is the belief that a surviving spouse is always granted all or substantially all of the deceased spouse’s intestate estate.  What is possibly the most important factor to understand is that these intestacy laws apply to every person.

In reality, much of the answer to these questions depends upon where you permanently reside and which of your family members are living at the time of your death.  Some other factors that are affect your intestate estate’s distribution include how the property is owned, where the property is located, and even the family relationship that your living relatives have with one another.

Making the answer to this question even more difficult is the fact that every single American state has its own laws that determine who will own the property of every intestate decedent and none of the states follow the exact same system.

With each state having its own unique laws, generalized statements about the process are frequently inaccurate.  The complexity of these laws also makes written examples difficult to understand, as well as inapplicable to most people.  Although these laws apply to everyone, it is incredibly difficult to find real examples of how they are applied. 

For the first time, personally meaningful examples can be found with the Intestacy Calculators listed below, which are the result of well over one thousand hours of independent legal research and interpretation, as well as program planning, design, implementation, and testing. : Intestacy Calculators show what happens without a will

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