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'One Plug' Generator Can Power Entire Home

FPL Offers New Generator Service

Alex Alvarez, Digital Correspondent

MIAMI -- If you've weathered a hurricane in South Florida and have had experienced hooking up a generator no doubt a "one plug" approach would interest you.

The new "one plug" service unveiled by Florida, Power and Light on Thursday offers customers a one-plug connection and all it costs is a one-time fee.

Terry and Carlos Bolado, who are FPL customers living in Miami, spent the $829 fee to get connected.

"It was the 2005 hurricane season that we had all those hurricanes back to back and I would come home from work and water would be dripping from the refrigerator. Even though we did have a generator, sometimes the cords weren't long enough to service the appliances," said Terry Bolado.

The Bolados said they are very happy with the new and easier one-plug generator system.

When customers order the "one plug" package from FPL, an electrician comes to the home or business and installs the connection at the customer's electrical meter.

The service is available for a structure up to 3,200-square-feet and can power up to 7,200 watts.

And for the Bolados the service gives them peace of mind.

"Before we used to have electrical cords all through the house. It was ugly and dangerous," said Carlos Bolado. "Now it's like normal. You just plug into any outlet you have in the house," he added.

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New 'One Plug' Generator Can Power Entire Home - Weather News Story - WPLG Miami

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