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"Can you constrain Google search results by date?"

From Ask Dave Taylor:

I have read lots of articles about how to constrain search results on Google by domain, by site, and even how to group words and include “negative” keywords to ensure that I don’t get spurious matches. What I haven’t figured out is whether there’s any way to constrain my searches by date. For example, to just find material that’s been updated or indexed in the last week. Doable?

You can definitely constrain your Google search results by time, but it’s one of the many types of searches that are best started by going to the Advanced Search Page rather than just searching from the home page or within your Browser navbar. On that page you’ll see:

Google: Advanced Search

Lots of options, as you can see, but notice in particular “Return web pages first seen in the” and a pop-up menu of options. I’ve selected “last week” and that will constrain our search results to being just those pages that have been added to the index in the last 7 days.

“Can you constrain Google search results by date?” from the Ask Dave Taylor! Tech Support Blog

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