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April Fool's Edition: Real Products for Sale

Hotdoll: The Sex Doll for Dogs
Aussibum is the Wonderbr a for Men's Underwear
Video here:
Australian designer underwear Aussibum is to men's crotch bulges what the Wonderbra is to women's cleavage. Yes. Using space-age technology, you too can increase the size of your bulge when you're at the beach, at the gym, or even in the comfort of your own home.
It's "all natural," with "no rings, string, padding, or anything." It uses all your "own parts" to make your bulge as large as possible. Sounds good to us.
Hanging Harry Light Pull Gives Your Room a Touch of Gloom
Payjr: another way to avoid talking to your kids
image  It should be perfectly obvious to everyone that the reason there are so many problems in this world is because we're giving our children way too much love and attention. Luckily, technology is keeping up with our need to communicate more indirectly with our children. Enter PayJr. Because for too long we've been treating our kids as family members instead of what they really are: little employees. Now you can keep an online schedule of the chores the kids have to do. You can send details through text messaging, email, or instant messenger. Way more efficient than actually talking to them. Then you can pay them electronically by having the money added to a pre-paid MasterCard, ensuring that you can avoid the personal interaction when settling up.
Now, theoretically this tool could be useful if it was used in conjunction with talking with your kids. But it's hard to imagine that if you do have excellent communications with the children, that you'd need an online tool to keep their chores straight. Unless you're running a sweatshop or have 60-some odd kids there's no way that there are enough chores going on that you need to bring the internet into the equation. But whatever. Everything's online now, why not this?
Pocket Pee-Bag Turns Urine into Gel and Friends into Memories
image   image
Hands Hands Soap is Just Wrong Wrong

image    image

Say Hello To My Little Lamp: Scarface Assault Rifle Light, Everyone's Little Friend



Spongebob Squarepants rectal thermometer


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