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50-LED Solar Motion Floodlight

solar-motion-floodlight.jpgSince the 50-LED Solar Motion Floodlight relies on the power of the sun to get it going, you don’t have to worry about spoiling your room with ugly wiring.

Super-bright 50-LED floodlight is as bright as a 10w halogen bulb, and stays on for 15-60 seconds (your choice) past last motion detected. And since this motion sensor light is solar-charged, you can mount it anywhere, even where there’s no electricity: shed, pool area, deck. 15′ cord connects the adjustable solar panel to the light, to position the panel in direct sunlight. Plus, this solar security light has an adjustable light sensor that prevents daylight turn-on. Pivoting motion detector adjusts for sensitivity. The 50-LED Solar Motion Floodlight also features automatic/off switch.

You will be able to pick up the 50-LED Solar Motion Floodlight for $50 a pop.

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