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Automatically Back Up Your Files with Comodo BackUp

Automatically Back Up Your Files with Comodo BackUp

Comodo BackUp - Main Screen

Comodo is well known for its firewall and personal security products, but the company also has a file backup utility that's richly featured and well designed. Comodo BackUp makes it easy to automatically back up your documents, folders, and other important data to network drives, removable media, or the Web. Best of all, the Comodo Backup is completely free.

There are several applications that can automatically back up your files, even some like IdleBackup that will back up your data while your computer isn't doing anything else. Backup applications range from the simple and easy to use to the incredibly complex, but Comodo BackUp strikes a balance between ease-of-use and useful features. The app is a free download and runs on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

Comodo BackUp makes the process of backing up your data easy. You can schedule the app to automatically back up files and folders of your choice at predetermined times of day and days of the week, and you can configure it to e-mail you the status of its backup jobs or when a job is complete. Additionally, Comodo BackUp can automatically compress your backup files into ZIP archives for easy storage, or make file-for-file copies so you can browse the archives.

Comodo BackUp - New Backup

Additionally, Comodo BackUp can be configured to synchronize some files automatically, so files in the "synchronized backup" list will automatically back themselves up when you edit them. Unlike many backup utilities that do file-for-file copies, Comodo BackUp can also restore data from archives, making the process of retrieving your backed up data in case of emergency as simple as backing it up.

When it comes time to back up your data, Comodo BackUp can store your data on a network share, another local hard drive, log in and transfer the data to an FTP server on the Web, or burn the archive to removable media like a CD or DVD. If the CD or DVD reader and media support multi-session burning, Comodo BackUp will write several backup archives to the same media.

Don't be fooled by the fact that Comodo BackUp is free. The utility has enough features to make it worthwhile as a personal or even a small office's backup strategy. The app isn't ready for a large organization, but if you're backing up your important documents, family photos and movies, or even entire drive contents to a home NAS, DVD media, or a backup server, Comodo BackUp has what it takes to keep your data safe in case of disaster.

Automatically Back Up Your Files with Comodo BackUp - AppScout

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