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JayCut - Free Online Video Editor

JayCut is a full-featured video editor for the web, similar to something iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. You have two tracks, to which you can upload and add video clips, audio, and add text and transitions. You can also record audio straight from the webapp with your microphone, as well as video from a webcam.  You can publish your video to YouTube or export it to your computer as H.264 Flash video, H.264 MPEG-4, or an Xvid AVI.




Webcam and voice-over

Capture video and audio directly from your webcam or microphone to create a digital greeting, a presentation with your own audio narration or a voice-over tutorial. Or, heck, just to film yourself!
Along with the built in tools for publishing, your recording is never more than one click away from popular sites such as YouTube.

Slow motion effects

Create astonishing movies with effects such as slow motion and variable playback speed. Slow down a clip for heightened drama, or speed it up to make it look like a fun movie from the 1930s. This feature also gives you the ability to adjust the length of a clip to match the shot to the length of the voice-over.


Green screen
With green screen technology you can create effects seen in everything from the latest Hollywood movies to the weather forecast. It's simple to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot.
You can appear in your favourite film, make a presentation along with all the relevant facts and figures or why not make your own weather show.


Customize and colorize
You now have a wide range of tools to modify and colorize video clips and images. Lighten up dark clips, change the color and why not add some film grain while you're at it.
JayCut delivers the key features of a desktop video editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application. Either register on the JayCut community for private use or license the editor to your own website.

Your Free Online Video Editor | JayCut

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