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Top 10 Fitness Tips and Tools

Top 10 Fitness Tips and Tools

You can do a lot with your mind and a computer, but a healthy and honed body will get you even more out of life (if only more of it). Here are our favorite tips and tools for staying in shape.

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1. Stick with Push Ups for Overall Fitness

Top 10 Fitness Tips and ToolsHow can something as old-school as a push up—hands on the ground, knees off the floor, and push—still be in use, and even be growing in acceptance? Because it works out your whole body, it's better on your back than crunches, and you can use your raw push up count as a graduated curve toward fitness, as with the Hundred Push Ups program. Some things about getting in shape never get tired. (Original posts: One Hundred Push Ups, why)

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