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Tracking Changes in Word

Turn Track Changes off or on, or hide or reveal tracked changes


To turn Track Changes off, on the Review tab, in the Tracking group, click the Track Changes button (the paper & pencil with the healthy orange glow, pictured below). Here's the relevant piece of Word real estate:

Tracking group on ribbon in Word

If your document contains tracked changes, like this:

Example of tracked changes in text

and you want to get rid of them, on the Review tab, in the Changes group, you can Accept or Reject each change or All Changes in Document:

Accept change button on ribbon in Word

Tracked changes can be hidden, which might or might not be a good thing. Either way, take a moment to become familiar with the Display for Review drop-down list and its four options:

Display for Review drop-down list on ribbon

Final: Show Markup shows all tracked changes.
Final hides tracked changes to show the document with all proposed changes included.
Original: Show Markup shows the original text with tracked changes and comments.
Original shows the document before any changes were made.

If your Track Changes needs are more sophisticated than the above, choose from this list of the Top 5 Track Changes-related videos, articles, and training courses on

Bonus track (changes):

Remove tracked changes and comments from a document shows how to ensure that track changes and comments are not left in your Word 2007 documents when you distribute them.

Microsoft Word - Turn Track Changes off or on, or hide or reveal tracked changes

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