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What is Office 365?

What is Office 365 ? & Its Features

Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses is a subscription service that combines the familiar Microsoft Office Web Apps with a set of web-enabled tools that are easy to learn and use, that work with your existing hardware, and that come backed by the robust security, reliability, and control you need to run your business. Following are all the features and tools of office 365 being explained one by one 

Powered by Microsoft Exchange Online

Office 365 gives you access to email, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere, at any time, on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices*—while it helps to protect against viruses and spam.

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Work from virtually anywhere

Work from almost anywhere and get automatically updated email, calendar, and contacts on the devices you use most, including PCs, Macintosh computers, iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry smartphones**, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phones*.

Easy-to-manage email

Get professional, easy-to-manage email. Office 365 provides each user with a 25-gigabyte (GB) mailbox and lets them send email messages up to 25 megabytes (MB). Connect with Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2007 and use all of the rich Outlook functionality you already know and use, whether you are connected to the Internet at home or in the office or you are working offline.

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Simplify scheduling

Easily schedule meetings by sharing calendars and viewing them side by side, so you can see your colleagues’ availability and suggested meeting times from your calendar. Access your email, calendar, and contacts from nearly any web browser while you keep the rich, familiar Outlook experience with Microsoft Outlook Web App.

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Business-class security

Help protect your organization from spam and viruses with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, which includes multiple filters and virus-scanning engines.

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Powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online

Office Web Apps are convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote that offer you an easy way to access, view, and edit documents directly in your web browser.

Edit together

Simultaneously edit Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks with others in real time, and see exactly who is editing and viewing your documents.

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Enjoy mobile access

Easily access and view files from your mobile device in high fidelity.

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Consistent formatting from desktop to web

Ensure that viewers see files with consistent formatting when they move between Office Web Apps and desktop Office applications.

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Powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online

Office 365 enables you to access and share documents and insights, contacts, calendars, and tasks in a single location and from a shared computer or smartphone.

Share files and documents

Share large files both inside and outside your organization with a password-protected website.

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Collaborate with SharePoint

Open and save files stored on SharePoint directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Access documents in SharePoint from your mobile device

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Professional design for your business

Easily design and maintain a professional-looking public website with simple, user-friendly tools.

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The power of Microsoft Access

Manage, share, and edit your inventory, product catalogs, customer records, or any other Microsoft Access databases online with Access Services.

Powered by Microsoft Lync Online

Microsoft Lync Online helps you find and quickly connect with the right person through instant messaging (IM), Lync video calls, or online meetings from within the Office applications you already use every day.

Connect from virtually anywhere

Find and connect with friends or peers from virtually anywhere through rich presence, instant messaging (IM), PC-to-PC audio/video calls, and online meetings. Use the presence indicator to see when colleagues, partners, and suppliers are online and available.

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Online meetings

Conduct rich online meetings—including audio, video, and web conferencing—with people both inside and outside of your business.

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Share your desktop and more

Share your desktop, online whiteboards, and presentations with colleagues and partners inside and outside of your organization.

4-20-2011 1-00-31 AM

Click to communicate

Use click-to-communicate functionality with other users of Office 365, Windows Live, and Windows Live Messenger.

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Office 365 is built from the ground up for reliability, availability, and performance. Our proven service is powered by the same Microsoft email and collaboration products that businesses of all sizes have been using for decades.

Financially backed guarantee

Office 365 is designed to deliver reliability, availability, and performance with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA).

Safeguard your data

Office 365 helps safeguard your critical data with geo-redundant, enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery with multiple datacenters and automatic failovers and a strict privacy policy.

Protect your email

The most current antivirus and anti-spam solutions help protect your email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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What is Office 365 ? & Its Features

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