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8 Best Tips To Increase Windows Laptop Battery Backup Time

Technix: 8 Best Tips To Increase Windows Laptop Battery Backup Time

When we buy a laptop, then we do focus on some of the parameters like RAM, Hard Drive capacity, Graphics card, Cache Memory and few other features. One of the most important features about the laptop, which we usually forget to consider, is the battery backup. For the first year of usage you will notice that the battery backup is adequate as compared to the other laptops around you (or as promised to you by the seller), but then it starts degrading suddenly and then the only option with which you are left is to change the battery.


6-Cell Li-ion Battery is the most common battery used in most of the laptops. There are certain tips with the help of which you can take care of the battery life and make it durable, please do take care of all the tips mentioned below:-

  1. Never ever put your laptop on your bed while using it, this is one of the major problems for the decrement in the life of laptop battery. When you put your laptop battery on your bed mattress then it blocks the heating vents of your laptops and all the area of that mattress starts heating up along with the laptop making it a hotter base for you laptop. Thus for the cooling of your laptop, motherboard increases the speed of the cooling fan of your laptop which in return starts eating up your battery backup.
  2. Try to put your battery away from high temperature. Your laptop battery loses its durability if it is kept consistently under high temperature. If you have got 2 batteries for your laptop then always keep the other battery wrapped up in a plastic under a cold environment and make sure that the other battery has been discharged up to 50 percent.
  3. Never ever let the battery backup go below 15 percent. You must have heard people saying that once must fully discharge the battery and then charge it again to increase its life, but that is not completely true. This tip will work only when you have not discharged the battery below 15 percent; if it goes below 15 percent it will put high stress on the battery which may permanently hamper it.
  4. Never unplug your laptop battery in between a charging cycle. This simply means that never unplug the battery while it is getting charged and not reached its 100 percent (or I should say unless one cycle is complete).
  5. Do not remove the battery while using your laptop. I have seen people with the habit of removing the battery from their laptop when it gets plugged in to the external supply. If there is an electricity supply cutoff then all the data will be lost and believe me there will be high chance that your hard disk may crash (depends on how older your laptop is?). Now if your laptop has a problem of overheating (which happens due to the accumulation of dust into the heat vents blocking heat flow from your laptop to outside), then it advisable to remove the battery if laptop body temperature goes above 60 degree Celsius.
  6. Never overcharge your battery. Please do not let your laptop be plugged in even when you battery has been fully charged. Doing so will decrease the charge capacity of your battery or I should say it will reduce the backup time of your laptop. Once your laptop gets fully charged remove the power chord from the laptop and use the laptop on the battery back until it reaches it’s 15 percent capacity, then plug that power chord again and do not unplug it until it is fully charged.
  7. Things to remember to increase the backup-time while using your laptop on battery. If you using your laptop on backup and an immediate power supply is not nearby then try to keep the brightness at low as possible, this will really help a lot as brightness is main source of drawing the battery out. Apart from this, try to switch off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (which are nowadays switched on from the same switch on your laptop) and all the unnecessary processes which are still running on your system. Let me explain this with an example of a situation, if you are using internet through a Wifi router and you are writing certain application and suddenly electricity cuts-off, then you can do the following; Lower the brightness, turn off your Bluetooth and Wifi, deactivate all the firewalls and anti-virus installed on your system (as now you are not connected to internet), Mute the speaker and try your best not to play any media file.
    Do all this and then see the difference, I can guarantee you that your battery backup will be increased by 50%.
    From time to time keep on defragmenting your hard-disk, it will arrange data efficiently thus reducing the power used by hard drive, if you have any other hard drive connected through USB then please remove it and then empty the CD\DVD ROM.
  8. Power Options, select these options as per your requirements, if you don’t have much idea about it then select the default package for maximum batter as specified in the screenshot above. It will be wiser to put the laptop into hibernate mode rather than sleep mode, as in the hibernate mode OS will pause all the operations and will completely shut down the system whereas in the sleep mode, only hard disk will be turned off and touchpad with other peripherals will be active to get any command and then wakeup the system from its sleep mode.

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8 Best Tips To Increase Windows Laptop Battery Backup Time

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