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Space Bar


Space Bar on

Space Bar - More Space, More Ports, Less Clutter

The Space Bar is a simple, elegantly-designed desk accessory that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer. After a long day of work, simply slide your keyboard into the designated space below the shelf and store your office miscellany — keys, digital camera, etc. — up top.

- Constructed of brushed aluminum with white plastic accents.
- Can stow a keyboard up to 18" long by 1.5" high and supports up to 30.5 pounds weight (the weight of a 27" Apple iMac).
- Six USB ports. Charge & sync USB devices on four front ports. Charge USB devices on two right rear ports. Also includes one mini-USB port and one AC adapter port.
- Includes AC adapter and USB cord.
- Color: silver.

This product is powered using an external power source with a range of 110-240v.

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