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New Google Toolbar

New Google Toolbar

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This past Thursday, Google unveiled a new version of its toolbar.  It is still in Beta testing, but I have used it since Thursday and it appears to be ready for primetime.  It has several new features well-worth the upgrade from the first version of Goggle's toolbar.  CNN had this to say about it:

The new software out Thursday for the toolbar includes a feature that automatically blocks pop-up ads, as well a program that automatically fills out Internet forms seeking a customer's name and address.
The function that fills in forms offers an option to store credit card numbers too, but the information is encrypted on the hard drive of a user's computer instead of Google's computers, for security and privacy reasons.
The new features represent Google's most ambitious upgrade of its toolbar since the Mountain View, California-based company offered the software in December 2000. The toolbar works only on Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer, the world's dominant Web browser.

Google created the toolbar so users could conduct online searches without going to Google's Web site. The toolbar is embedded within the Explorer browser.
The pop-up blocker alone is worth the price of admission.  Those of you being driven crazy by ads popping up when you surf to different websites will welcome the relief provided by Google's new toolbar.  it won't block all pop-up ads, but it will block many of them.

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