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You can set the page that Internet Explorer opens every time it is loaded to any website you wish.  This is called the Home Page in Internet Explorer.  If you click the "Home" button on the top row of Internet Explorer, you go to this page. 

Common home pages are: Your company's website, Yahoo, CNN, MSN

At our Firm, I have created a customized Home Page that contains links to all the websites we routinely access.  I have made this page available to anyone who wants to use it.  MOst of our former employees still use it.  It is located at:

It can also be accessed from our website by clicking on de la O & Marko Menu (located bottom of the left column, under the picture of beauty and the beast).

You can set the website that Internet Explorer will use as its Home Page by doing the following:
1.  Start Internet Explorer
2.  Click on Tools along the top
3.  Click on Internet Options
4.  The first box you see there says "Address:" and there is some web address typed in.
5.  Type in the website you wish to be your Home Page and Click OK at the bottom.
6.  Done.  Click on the "Home" button and see if it works.

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